The first and only oral film formulation of riluzole1

For patients who have difficulty swallowing some medications, EXSERVAN may be an option.1-3

The size of EXSERVAN™ Oral Film compared to a quarter

EXSERVAN FILM. For illustrative purposes only. Not actual size.

One 50-mg oral film twice daily1

  • Taken at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal1
  • Rectangular-shaped with a honey lemon flavor1
    Each film is individually packaged in a foil pouch1
  • Average time to dissolve: 2 minutes2
EXSERVAN™ Prescription and Enrollment Form

Administering EXSERVAN

Advise patients to read the FDA-approved patient labeling (Instructions for Use)1

  • The patient should place the film on the top of the tongue, and let it adhere and dissolve. Do not cut or split the film1
  • Patients should not drink liquid, chew, spit, or talk while EXSERVAN is dissolving1
  • Instruct patients to swallow saliva in a normal manner as EXSERVAN dissolves1
Administering EXSERVAN™ Oral Film

EXSERVAN Instructions for Use

EXSERVAN is a different administration option for patients receiving riluzole, including those who have difficulties swallowing1,2,4

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Expiration date is printed on pouch

Patients should make sure their hands are clean and dry before handling EXSERVAN so the film does not stick to their fingers. Instruct patients to check expiration date printed on foil pouch before use. EXSERVAN should not be used if expired.1

EXSERVAN™ Foil Package

Instruct patients to fold the foil pouch along the solid line at the top. While keeping the top of the pouch folded over at the solid line, patients should tear down at the slit along the arrow on the side of the pouch to open.1

EXSERVAN™ Foil Pouch Instructions

Patients should remove EXSERVAN film from foil pouch. Each pouch contains 1 dose of EXSERVAN. Advise patients to use EXSERVAN right away after opening foil pouch, and not to cut or split the film.1

Place EXSERVAN™ Film on Top of Tongue

Advise patients to place EXSERVAN film on top of the tongue. The film will stick to the tongue and begin to dissolve.1

EXSERVAN™ Oral Film Dissolves

The patient should close their mouth and swallow saliva normally as EXSERVAN dissolves. EXSERVAN should not be taken with liquids. Advise patients to not chew, spit, or talk while EXSERVAN dissolves. Patients should wash hands after handling EXSERVAN. The empty foil pouch should be thrown away in the regular trash.1

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