Riluzole Redesigned to Oral Film

As the first and only riluzole formulation that dissolves on the top of the tongue, EXSERVAN (riluzole) was designed to meet the needs of patients with ALS, including those who have difficulty swallowing some medications.1-3 Advise patients to read the FDA-approved patient labeling (Instructions for Use). Instruct patients to swallow saliva in a normal manner as EXSERVAN dissolves.1

Riluzole Pill Legend


EXSERVAN™ Film Legend


Not actual size. Size and shape of tablet may vary.

A different way to deliver riluzole

For patients who have difficulty swallowing some medications, EXSERVAN may be an option.1-3

Place EXSERVAN™ on the top of the tongue
  • The first and only oral film formulation of riluzole1
  • Dissolves on the top of the tongue to deliver 50 mg of riluzole1
  • Demonstrated bioequivalence to riluzole tablets (RILUTEK®) with a similar rate of absorption1,3,5
  • Safety and tolerability similar to riluzole tablets1,5

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EAT-10 Screening Tool

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